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Erasmus+ placements

Get to know the details of the Erasmus+ internship program and take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad with funds from the European Union. 

We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in an international and multicultural environment as part of Erasmus+ student placements. 

Who can go? 

Each student who has completed the first 4 weeks of domestic placement is entitled to apply for a placement abroad under the Erasmus+ Programme. Students are qualified for placements with EU funding on a first come, first served basis, until the Academy's funds are exhausted, in response to placement offers presented by the Department of International Placements at WSHiG. Each level of study can benefit from a trip or trips lasting up to 12 months in total. The minimum time of stay at the practice abroad with co-financing is 2 months.

Formal way

The trip is available to students who, having completed the formalities connected with the planned placement and having received the decision to go abroad, submit to the Erasmus Programme Coordinator a correctly completed Erasmus placement application form signed by the Chancellor. The form can be found in the "Documents to download" section.


Before departure, the student should sign two basic documents which are obligatory in the Erasmus+ programme: 

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship
  • trip and scholarship agreement

and fulfill other requirements which will be presented by the Erasmus Programme Coordinator.


The grant is transferred to the student's individual euro account. The major part of the grant (70%) is transferred to the student before going on placement, the other part is transferred after the student returns from placement and settles all required formalities, of which each student will be informed before leaving at the moment of signing the Erasmus agreement in the coordinator's office. In the documents to be downloaded you can also find the conditions of subsidizing Erasmus placements in the current academic year.

Opportunities for graduates 

Innovation to the Erasmus+ programme from 2014/2015 is the possibility for Academy’s graduates to go abroad for an internship or placement. This type of trip can take place within 1 year of graduation, and its length is included in the total duration of trips at the level of study at which the student is qualified for this type of trip. Recruitment for graduate travel takes place during the final year of study.


Erasmus Programme Coordinator at WSHiG:

Przemysław Wojtysiak
phone +48 61 87 11 557
room number 224
Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM