RECRUITMENT FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023 from 1st April 2022.

  • First and Second Degree Studies
  • Postgraduate Studies - Modern Hotel and Catering Management
  • Studies in Russian 

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Foreign Languages in Tourism, Hotel and Catering

(tryb stacjonarny)

The specialization in foreign languages in tourism, hotel and gastronomy has been created for students who are passionate about foreign languages. A wide range of languages offered (including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Norwegian) allows students to choose up to 4 languages at the same time. Our specialized teaching staff puts great emphasis on practical language learning, so that the graduate leaves our Academy communicating freely in the languages of his /her choice. This skill opens up many opportunities in today's demanding job market, where foreign languages are of high value for the future candidate. Moreover, the doors of foreign companies' employers are open for graduates who speak so many languages.

Choose a specialization in Foreign Languages in Tourism, Hotel and Catering if learning foreign languages is your passion and you want to manage hotel or catering facilities anywhere in the world, communicate freely with an international team, or become a staff translator in a service facility.

In this specialization you will learn the following:

  • communicate freely in several languages,
  • the art of negotiation in different cultures,
  • analyze the economic situation in international hotel consortiums,
  • cooperate with foreign business partners,
  • the culture of working abroad.

The specialization is available for studies: I degree, full-time mode, II degree, full-time mode