Executive MBA for hospitality practitioners

Executive MBA programmes are aimed at people working in hotels or those who want to be in this industry. The offer should be of interest to senior and mid-level managers and property owners.

We guarantee classes with experienced practitioners and with trainers with many years of experience in business and in specialist education.

Specificity of the Executive MBA program at WSHiG

The present offer is the proposal only in Poland that allows to increase competences, knowledge and skills in the field of modern management in hotel facilities of all sizes and forms of ownership. All classes have a practical aspect. The lecturers have many years of experience acquired in Poland as well as abroad, which will allow the listeners to learn about the latest solutions in the field of managerial skills and competences. The implementation of the proposed program will allow to acquire a wide practical knowledge useful for the modern manager of each hotel facility. The unpredictable situation in the tourism market requires the best skills to make quick and accurate decisions. The master of Bussines administration diploma will help to improve your own image and create credibility in the eyes of employers.

Price 150 Euro / month / payable from October to June/

Total price 1350 Euro / for 9 months

Executive MBA WSHiG EN – (pdf)

Executive MBA WSHiG RU – (pdf)

Executive MBA WSHiG PL – (pdf)

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