Why did you choose the Academy of Hospitality and Catering?


The enrollment for the academic year 2020/2021 is open from 04/01/2021 to 14/03/2021! Please send the documents for registration from 04/01/2021 to 14/03/2021. We invite everyone, who wants to get education at the level of bachelor and master degree!
Highly qualified personnel of the scientific and pedagogical staff of our Academy guarantee a high level of education. The possibility of studying at least 3 foreign languages. Continuing updating of the training program guarantees knowledge consistent with the latest trends and innovations. The educational program provides theoretical and practical training. Providing places of passage, practice in Poland and abroad. Opportunity to study abroad on the Erasmus student exchange program. A wide offer of employment after graduation (based on research, graduates of our university are most in demand).

Hotel business and cateringProfessors of the hotel business and catering department conduct classes for students of I and II degree of education. Theoretical training is combined with practical training, which takes place on the territory of the AoHaC, in the restaurant and in the Winter Garden. Students, who study the specialty hotel business and catering, get practical skills during internships in Poland and abroad, as well as acquire the knowledge necessary to work as cooks, bartenders, restaurants and bars managers, in accordance with international standards in tourism and hospitality business.

Tourist traffic service Education of students in the specialty tourist traffic service, I and II degree of education, is according to the curriculum, implemented at the Department of Tourism and Recreation. The training program is adapted to the requirements of the international tourist market. In addition to the required items, there are items to choose from – specialized. Graduates of this specialty are prepared for work in travel agencies, firms, hotels, holiday homes, government offices and local governments, as well as in other organizations and institutions that are engaged in the dissemination and organization of tourism and recreation.


Management and marketing in the hotel business, catering, tourism and recreation At the Department of Management and Marketing of the AoHaC in Poznan, subjects mainly related to economics, as well as organization, management and marketing in the hotel business, catering, tourism and recreation are studied.
The purpose of teaching economic is to educate students in microeconomic and macroeconomic processes, knowledges of which will be necessary during their studies and future work.

The subjects of this field make it possible to expand the technical and technological specifics associated with the faculty with new important aspects of economic reality and at the same time understand the processes that are taking place in this area, which is a very important function of these subjects.

Foreign languages in tourism, hotel business and gastronomy Specialty Foreign languages in tourism, hotel business and gastronomy – possible as part of a bachelor’s and master’s studies. Studying in the first cycle gives the possibility of intensive study of up to 4 foreign languages supported by foreign practice, which allows you to acquire knowledge of each of them. Second degree education (master’s) in the above specialty was created for graduates who wish to further develop their skills in using a foreign language, while at the same time improving their skills in the field of tourism and hotel and restaurant business.

Clinical Dietetics Innovative specialty “Clinical Dietetics”. Education in this specialty provides an opportunity to obtain theoretical knowledge in the field of healthy nutrition and physical activity, psychological aspects of nutrition, as well as practical culinary part in institutions for which rational human nutrition is a priority.

Students will study the following areas: nutrition and nutritional supplements, diets of specific consumer groups, food storage safety, the diet of athletes for injuries, proper and effective communication with the patient, and other trends on health and its strengthening.
The qualifications obtained in the course of training, allows you to organize individual and collective medical nutrition, taking into account the age and health of patients. The bachelor’s degree obtained after graduation opens many opportunities for the career growth of our graduates, for example, in state and non-state healthcare institutions, public catering enterprises, sports institutions and resort complexes.

Practice AoHaC prepares professionals in the tourism industry, i.e. in the sector in which employment from the beginning is determined mainly by the practical skills of the candidates, as well as work experience. The university monitors the constant updating of its offers and cooperates with well-known hotels and restaurants in France, Greece, England, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy. Every student of the AoHaC, who passed the first semester positively, knows the foreign language of the country where he is going to go, and also has completed monthly practice in Poland, can go to practice abroad.

The practice helps students self-develop, and this is not only an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledges about the culture of another country, but also the improvement of practical language skills. The international department is looking for contacts with universities around the world in the framework of student exchanges and providing our students with a wide choice of internships abroad.

The Graduate Status The Graduates of the Academy are specialists of a wide profile not only in the field of theoretical, but also practical knowledges. Our graduates with socio-economic, organizational, legal and special knowledges, combined with the skills acquired during the internship, are always in demand as specialists.

They are offered jobs in tourist bureaus, hotels, gastronomic facilities, recreation and recreation centres, as well as in public organizations and administrations for positions related to tourism and recreation. Foreigners who receive a diploma in Poland can be hired under the same conditions as a Polish citizen, that is, without a work permit.


Payment for 1 year of study

Bachelor 2300 euro With the ability to pay for all year
Master 2300 euro With the ability to pay for all year
Necessary documents
To register, complete the online application form on our website and add scanned documents:
– certificate of matriculation and addition to it (if you apply for first degree studies);
– certificate of matriculation and addition to it and bachelor’s and certificate of grades (if you apply for second degree studies)
Contact information
Adress: Wyższa Szkoła Hotelarstwa i Gastronomii, ul. Nieszawska 19, 61-022 Poznań
Contact phone no. +48 61 87 11 530 or +48 61 87 11 543
Email: wshig@wshig.poznan.pl
Working hours
Mon-Fri. 9:00 – 14:00
Polish course
For students from Eastern Europe (except Ukraine and Belarus) need an additional set of documents. Please check by phone or email.

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