We kindly inform you that recruitment for the 2024/2025 academic year has started from 03/04/2024

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Recruitment 2023/2024

Start an international adventure with WSHiG! Enroll today in a degree program that offers broad perspectives, specialized knowledge and practical skills.

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National and International Internships

Go abroad already in your first year of studies. Gain valuable experience during an internship in one of the world's renowned centers!

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Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry

Set your course for a career and start studying at the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan. A diploma from our Academy enables you to work throughout the European Union. Here you will gain specialist knowledge and practical skills as well as qualifications to practice learned profession in all countries of the old continent.

Recruitment 2023/2024

Enroll today for a degree of your choice at the Academy whose graduates work in the largest hotel and restaurant chains around the world! Gain specialized knowledge and practical skills in Tourism and Recreation that will open an international career path for you.

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Study and Earn

Take advantage of the opportunity to undertake well-paid internships in one of the renowned destinations such as: France, Austria, Norway, Spain or Ireland.

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International Perspectives

Going abroad for internships and placements is not only an interesting experience but also an important entry in your CV which will help you find a good job in Poland or abroad.

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Why this Academy?

The Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry is an Academy that offers international perspectives, specialized knowledge and practical skills. Its diploma is recognized throughout Europe and WSHiG graduates easily find jobs in Poland and abroad.

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A Great Start on the Job Market 

The curriculum is tailored to meet the current requirements of employers so that graduates of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry have as many practical skills as possible.

Language Learning

As we understand the international ambitions of our students, we ensure that they learn at least two foreign languages and sign language. For students from abroad we also organize Polish language classes. 

International Opportunities

Studying at our Academy opens up many new opportunities, including international ones. Graduating from the Academy in an EU country makes it much easier to emigrate for work.

We Educate Future Managers 

WSHiG graduates hold key positions in the management boards of hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities. Their education and practical skills make them attractive employees.