RECRUITMENT FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023 from 1st April 2022.

  • First and Second Degree Studies
  • Postgraduate Studies - Modern Hotel and Catering Management
  • Studies in Russian 

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Requirements for the admission to the bachelor degree studies

  1. Admission to the bachelor degree program at the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan requires the completion of high school and a diploma. We do not set any specific subjects that have to be passed in high school.
  2. When applying to our Academy the candidates fill in an on-line personal questionnaire, in which they choose their study system, specialization and language proficiency and sign a contract for paid studies.
  3. In the case of choosing the specialization hotel and catering or planning to go on an internship, it is required to perform a carrier test in the Sanitary Inspectorate. With the results of the test you should go to the doctor of occupational medicine who issues a certificate necessary for people employed in the process of production and trade of food. This certificate must be submitted to the Academy before the start of your studies.