RECRUITMENT FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023 from 1st April 2022.

  • First and Second Degree Studies
  • Postgraduate Studies - Modern Hotel and Catering Management
  • Studies in Russian 

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Student research clubs

Join one of the four student research clubs functioning at the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry.

There are four research clubs at the WSHiG whose aim is to popularize knowledge in the field of management and marketing, sightseeing and gastronomy.

Student Club of Management and Marketing

It conducts popularization activities aimed at spreading marketing knowledge, especially in the field of gastronomy, hotel management, tourism and recreation. It enables students and young graduates to exchange experiences and present the results of their own research work. Ultimately, it enables a better professional start for the members of the club, integrates the student community, and develops the personalities of its members.

The Clubs pursues its goals by:

  • organizing meetings with specialists in various fields,
  • organizing lectures given by members of the club or invited guests,
  • undertaking and carrying out individual scientific-research works by members of the clubs,
  • organizing and participating in seminars, conferences, symposia, conventions and scientific camps,
  • cooperation with other scientific clubs, scientific institutions, universities and high schools in the country and abroad,
  • other activities in accordance with the regulations of the club.

Students' Research Clubs on Tourism and Geography

The activity of the Student's Club in cooperation with the Tourism and Geography Student's Club is an integral part of the didactic and educational process of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan. It is realized through the organization of meetings and extracurricular activities. The main objectives of both bodies include:

  • broadening of geographical knowledge,
  • getting to know the country, its geographical and natural environment, traditions, cultural monuments and history,
  • getting to know the closest environment and the specificity of their region, including Polish and European cultural heritage,
  • shaping patriotic attitudes related to the identity of regional, national and European culture,
  • shaping knowledge about the culture of their region and its connections with the national culture, strengthening the sense of national identity through a deeper bond with their environment, region and country,
  • preparation to a mature life in regional, national, state and European structures,
  • maintaining permanent cooperation with local associations that promote tourism and sightseeing,
  • stimulating interests in tourism and sightseeing,
  • increasing general physical fitness by motivating to undertake various forms of qualified tourism, taking into account the knowledge gained at the meetings of the Club,
  • popularizing the principles of protecting the natural environment and the ability to use natural resources.

The activities of the Tourism and Geography Club also include organizing hiking and bicycle trips, meetings with people professionally connected with the tourism industry (tour leaders, tourist guides, travelers, experts in the history of art and culture, hoteliers, caterers, restaurateurs, and representatives of tourism and recreation companies), organizing thematic meetings, participating in fairs, conferences, trainings, and other activities related to tourism and recreation, and helping in the search for professional practice.

Student Catering Club

The Student Gastronomy Club gathers lovers of the culinary arts, both in Poland and abroad. It promotes and disseminates knowledge about eating habits from around the world, familiarizing the Polish culinary taste with even the most oriental flavors.

The Student Catering Club achieves its goals by:

  • organizing culinary shows, student participation in national and international culinary competitions,
  • organization of meetings with people professionally related to the catering industry,
  • participation in fairs, conferences, trainings and other events related to gastronomy,
  • assistance in seeking professional practice.