RECRUITMENT FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023 from 1st April 2022.

  • First and Second Degree Studies
  • Postgraduate Studies - Modern Hotel and Catering Management
  • Studies in Russian 

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Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management and Marketing

(tryb stacjonarny, niestacjonarny)

Management and marketing in hotels, catering, tourism and recreation specialization includes subjects related to broadly defined economics as well as organization, management and marketing in hotels, catering, tourism and recreation. The aim of conducting economic studies is to familiarize students with microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomena, the knowledge of which will be necessary both during their studies and in their future professional life. A very important feature of the courses in this field is the fact that students accustomed to technical and technological thinking can broaden their horizons to include new, important aspects of the surrounding technical and economic reality with a simultaneous understanding of the processes occurring in this sphere. Graduates of this course will be prepared to take managerial and executive positions in all types of hotel and catering facilities.

Choose Management and Marketing in the Hotel, Catering, Tourism and Recreation Industry if you want to manage conference, hotel, catering or tourism and recreation facilities, manage transportation traffic and be responsible for marketing activities in these areas.

In this specialization you will learn the following:

  • strategic management of facilities and service quality
  • analyze the economic and financial situation and develop a business plan
  • design advertising campaigns and analyze their effectiveness
  • planning marketing research
  • conduct internal and external communication (public relations)
  • analyzing trends in the area of organization and management

The specialization is available for studies: I degree, full-time mode, I degree, part-time mode, II degree, full-time mode.